" n e v e r    s a y   n e v e r "

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372 plays You Think You Know Somebody (Live Version) (Bridgestone Arena) Hunter Hayes Storyline


Hunter Hayes Performs a Live Version of You Think You Know Somebody at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN

Taylor Swift - Leaving her apartment in NYC [04/22]

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There’s this one color that defines a lot of the emotions that I’ve been writing about lately, really great emotions like frustration, anger, jealousy, falling in love, falling out of love, heartbreak, all that good stuff. And you know I read about that stuff so much that I even named an entire album after it, and I even went so far as to name an entire world tour after it, because ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, colors that define the emotions that shape up and teach us things, I think there’s one color that represents the most important ones, and that color is RED.

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when you hear somebody talking about one of your interests



Like, I have no words for this.

You can HEAR the anger in his voice when he says “you think you know you think you know” at the end

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4,428 plays You Think You Know Somebody Hunter Hayes Storyline


This is just to listen too, please go buy it on iTunes rather than downloading it:)



s/o to hunter hayes who keeps dropping new songs withoUT TELLING ANYONE

Little booger is gonna end up droppin the whole frickin album soon idk what he’s doing


here’s a video of me


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do you ever look at your favorite celebrity and think


I made a good choice



'you shouldn't eat that it's too fattening/full of calories'

*proceeds to eat both food and person*

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